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 Our Black Year  the critically acclaimed book about The Empowerment Experiment (EE) is here!  
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 The Empowerment Experiment was created and conducted by John and Maggie Anderson along with their two daughters in 2009.



Thank you for visiting our website!  EE converts our family's pledge into a positive awareness campaign about the need for strategic entrepreneurship and conscious consumerism in and to benefit the Black community.  Our goal is to trigger a smart movement where Americans of all backgrounds will unite to support quality Black-owned businesses too... and ensure that the American Dream truly applies to all.  In EE, we focus on uplifting Black businesses and empowering the Black community, as this community suffers disproportionately economically because it does not engage in self-help economics - like every other ethnic group does.  Due to this problem, Black businesses do not get the same level of support as other minority-owned businesses.

Please take a moment to learn about our family's historic experiment living off Black business by 
watching our video and checking out the phenomenal press coverage of our journey and cause.  Please support this movement by buying our critically acclaimed book about EE, "Our Black Year" or being a part of the national "Our Black Year" book tour.  The book tour keeps the movement in the community and helps raise money for the work and research.

donate to our EE Foundation which was set up to continue researching and promoting self-help economics, conscious consumerism and strategic entrepreneurship.  We also hope to inspire you to make small sacrifices and changes in your life so that you too can EE everyday by joining the EE movement.  Please get involved with our  national campaign to identify and support quality Black businesses, and the mainstream businesses that have substantive supplier, vendor and franchisee diversity.  

- John and Maggie Anderson
Founders, The Empowerment Experiment (EE)

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